Monday, May 2, 2011


701. The best analogy to explain the concept of prepaid, postpaid, and unlimited is by using the terms call girl, girlfriend, and wife (unless unlimited has network issues).
702. Your mama is so fat her patronus is a pie.
703. With birth comes the inevitability of entropy.
704. Dear coke, You're just over reacting. Sincerely - Mentos.
705. Even if you don't eat organic food, you end up delivering an organic baby.
706. I am procrastinating so much that the personal things to do needed to take a personal leave will happen only in the weekend.
707. Researchers are those who talk about their work among themselves, unconsciously seeking the synergism that made ideas sprout like weeds in the disordered garden of the laboratory.
708. "My mom is going to kill me", said the pregnant teen and her foetus at the same time.
709. Mr. Policeman, can you puhlease polish my Polish shoes?
710. In the name of the father, "daddy", in the name of the son, "daddy's boy", and in the name of the holy spirit of Harvey milk, San Francisco, go and sin more.

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